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If you want to experience fighting in full Muay Thai rules for the first time or if you already are an experienced fighter, we will find a suitable opponent for you to get into the ring. We will make sure that your opponent has the same level as you so the fight is balanced and interesting.

You can fight quickly if we feel that you are ready for that. Fighting is not mandatory and we will make you fight only if you have the desire for that. We are very happy to train you even if you do not wish to fight. They are boxing events every week in our area and it is easy for you to fight regularly if you stay at our gym. If you want to make a career in Thailand as a professional fighter we can make that happen too. Note that there is no age limit to fight around here and anybody can compete. 

Santi Ubon Muay Thai Gym
สันติอุบล มวยไทยยิม
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