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What we are:

We are well known and established team of professional Muay Thai fighters and trainers competing weekly in all the biggest stadiums in Thailand as well as at smallest local events. Our entire life has been dedicated to the art of 8 limbs since we were born. We raised and trained many great champions during the last decades. We do also teach Muay Thai to whoever is interested in discovering this art and also welcome people who just want to practice Muay Thai for fitness and fun. We are located in the center of the lively city of Ubonratchathani in Thailand. This city is located in a part of the country which is called Isan, an area which is considered as the cradle of Muay Thai. 


If you would like to train with us just send us an e-mail at:santiubonmuaythaigym@yahoo.com

or call us directly:


We speak English,French, Italian and Spanish.

You can also contact us on Facebook/Messenger, our FB name is:

Santi Ubon Muay Thai

During your stay in Ubonratchathani we can assist you with everything from picking-you up at the airport to finding a cheap and comfortable accommodation near the gym as well as giving you some informations on everything you might need.

Santi Ubon Muay Thai Gym
สันติอุบล มวยไทยยิม
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